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Takis Barberis

Takis Barberis was born in Athens in 1963. His relationship with music began at the age of 10. He attended the National Conservatory of Greece, studying classic guitar with Dimitris Fampas, higher theory with Yiannis Avgerinos and on graduation also received the Harmony certificate. Simultaneously he played electric guitar in many rock groups. His interest in jazz began in 1979 and it would determine his future course.

In 1982 he presented his first compositions with the band "Jazz Fusion Quintet" when his cooperation with David Lynch and Takis Farazis began, continuing later in the group "Iskra" (1985), with G. Fakanas, N. Touliatos and L. Pliatsikas. 'Iskra' was one of the most successful and progressive groups of that era, releasing their first album "A New Day" (Polygram) in 1986 that also includes two of his compositions.

In the period 1987 - 1989 he formed the group "Montelo 63" with P. Hatzigiankos and K. Kalogirou in a more experimental approach of rock music with Greek lyrics, they released the album "Montelo 63" (Lyra 1988).

In 1990 his first personal album was released entitled "Something From July" (Lyra), with his compositions from the 80's including many Jazz, Rock and Latin influences, with the participation of T. Farazis, G. Kontrafouris, T. Paterelis and K. Kalogirou.

"Are You Happy" (Lyra, 1992) was his second album, with the classic sound of a Jazz Quintet (G. Kontrafouris, T. Paterelis, G. Vassalos, K. Kalogirou). This second album was Barberis's first venture into combining Jazz rhythms and harmony with Eastern and Greek elements.

In his third and most mesmerising album "Episodes" (Lyra 1995) explores these themes even deeper with the participation of internationally known Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu and the traditional Greek musician Petroloukas Halkias on clarinet, and eight highly talented Greek musicians (P. Benetatos, G. Kontrafouris, T. Paterelis, Y. Kiourtsoglou, G. Vassalos, K. Kalogirou, T. Farazis & P. Kourtis). The critics characterise “Episodes” as one of the most successful combinations of jazz and traditional elements (Greek and Indian music).

Barberis continuous and evolves the influences that we meet in “Episodes” with his fourth album "Naiva" (Lyra, 1998), a play on naivety in title and music with the return of Petroloukas Halkias and the Indian musicians Reshma Srivastava and Shankar Lal with

Manos Saridakis, George Polyhronakos, Yiorgos Georgiadis, Takis Farazis, George Kontrafouris and Takis Paterelis.

"Porto Kayio"(LIBRA MUSIC, 2004), a ‘’soundtrack’’ for journeys through splendid vocals, sounds and rhythms. Together with his bassman George Giorgiadis, drummer Michalis Kapilidis, pianist Manos Saridakis and fellow passengers Debashish and Subhasis Bhattacharya from India, Takis Barberis creates each piece as a musical homeland: from Greece to India, Middle East, Africa and once again back to his own land.

"In Parallel"(Lyra, 2011) is his release with the legend of greek clarinet Petroloukas Chalkias.A live recording on 4/11/96 with Costas Kalogyrou on tabla.

''Jargon''(2013). A jazz amalgam which embodies various elements from Indian, Funk, Rock, African, Balkan and Greek music. Melodic compositions for Guitars, Trumpet, El. Sitar, Tabla, Piano, Synth, Bass and Drums full of spirited improvisations with Yiorgos Georgiadis, Michalis Kapilidis, Manos Saridakis, Andreas Polyzogopoulos, Satnam Sing Ramgotra, Yannis Kirimkiridis. Last release is ''Sleeping Revolution" (2018)

Barberis has collaborated with Trilok Gurtu, Glenn Corneille, Ilhan Ersahin, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Alkinoos Ioannidis and almost all Greek musicians of Jazz scene, and has taken part in many live performances in Greece and abroad.

Since 1981 Barberis teaches modern guitar and improvisation at various Conservatories (National Conservatory of Patras, Pindareio, Raimondi Conservatory, R.S.I.) and at last more than 20 years at the Filipos Nakas Conservatory teaching jazz guitar and improvisation.

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